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Arts Limited
Assumption Abbey
The Shed Pottery
O She 'E
Trenton Trades
Dewald Pottery
Standing Rock

                                  North Dakota Pottery

Pottery products utilizing North Dakota clay were produced during the twentieth century by a number of enterprising companies,
federal programs for North Dakota and the School of Mines Ceramics Department at the University of North Dakota. 

The major producers of North Dakota pottery are shown below.  Click on the name of the pottery for more information.

Little Heart
Three Tribes
Turtle Mountain
UND (University of North Dakota) WPA (Works Progress Administration)


There are many other North Dakota potteries.  Some are contemporary and some are no longer in production. 
Click on the name of the pottery for more information.  Potteries will be added as information becomes available.

Arts Limited Pottery
Assumption Abbey Pottery
CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps.)
Dewald Pottery
The Shed Pottery
Trenton Trades

Frog Point Pottery
O-She-'E-(Pee-Kay) Wee-Nee-Nee Indian Ceramics
Prairie Fire Pottery Standing Rock Sioux Indian Pottery


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