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The North Dakota Pottery Collectors Society holds its
annual convention the second weekend in June. 


28th Annual NDPCS Convention

June 9th, 10th, & 11th, 2017

The Grand Hotel, Minot, ND


2017 Banquet Silent Auction

By Arley Olson

Messer Antelope $750
Ros. mountain goat $450
UND Aunt Susan Cookie Jar $1500
Ros. Egyptian Vase $250
Ros. Pheasant TV Lamp $325

TOTAL $3,275.00

NDPCS received 10% of proceeds







NDPCS Trivia

By Deanna Reynolds

When I arrived at convention, Gail asked if I was willing to take care of the trivia event that involved using the historian books to find the answers. People had a terrific time looking through the binders to reminisce and try to find the answers. The person(’s) name with the most correct responses would be placed in a drawing for a door prize at the banquet. The hours Arley has put into compiling the moments and memories of this club, were appreciated by those completing the questionnaire. Sometimes we think that we remember the details of an event only to get clarification when we read it in a documented item. Thank you Arley for organizing and being "the keeper" of NDPCS’s historical details.  

   Lorraine Williams, Linda Fiedler, Tess Erickson,
   and Craig Fiedler
are trying to find answers.
   They must have had luck since the people with the
    most correct answers were:
Lorraine Williams,
   Linda Fiedler, and Tess Erickson.

As I watched people look through the binders, I got to thinking that it might be fun to ask our members to create
a question (along with the answer of course —that could be backed up with documentation) and submit to me.
These new questions could be used for a 2018 Convention Trivia Questionnaire activity. Sources for questions
could be the North Dakota Pottery Facebook page or the NDPCS web-site as well as any of the newsletters.
If you would like to submit a question, please email to


NDPCS Trivia At 2017 Convention Minot--Questions

1: When was the first Rosemeade Pottery Collector's get together?

2: How many original charter members were registered at the 1990 Convention?

3:Under whose direction did the cobalt blue School of Mines seal become the trademark of pottery created

at UND?

4: What year did the NDPCS pottery Road Show debut its "premier showing" at the NDPCS Convention?

5: Who made the first commemorative?

6: For the first time, what year was there an all female Board of Directors?

7: What year did ND Pottery make its debut as a public display in the ND Governors Residence?

8: What Commemorative was the first to be trimmed in gold, where members were allowed to buy raffle tick-ets for a chance to win the drawing of it?

9: What year has the highest number of memberships?

10: Who is known as the First Lady and who was the founder?

11: What year was the NDPCS web site built?

12: What is the highest dollar amount the Saturday Auction has grossed?

13: When was the NDPCS logo (trademark) registered with the state of ND?

14: What year did the NDPCS celebrate its 25th Anniversary?

15: Who was the recipient of the first NDPCS endowment?

Bonus Question : What NDPCS member "allegedly" was in violation with the ND Game & Fish Department for fishing without a license and exceeding the limit!!!!

NDPCS Trivia At 2017 Convention Minot--Answers

1: June 4, 1989

2: 63

3: Margaret Cable

4: 2003

5: Don Miller

6: 1997

7: Nov. 2011

8: WPA Nursery Rhyme figurine "Hickory Dickory Dock"

9: 1998 (445 members)

10: Mayvis & Cliff Olson

11: 2002

12: $28,042.50 in 2000

13: March 22, 1993

14: 2014

15: Richland County Historical Society, Wahpeton, ND for $1,000

Bonus Question: George Williams



Click here for information on the 2017 Commemorative



Future Convention Dates:

Fargo June 8, 9 & 10, 2018




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