North Dakota Pottery Collectors Society



Newsletter Excerpts
From the September 2018 Edition

Presidents Message

I hope everyone had a great summer. Were busy making and hauling hay. At least theres more out there to put up than last year!

I heard of a few great pottery finds at auctions this summer. The flea market season is getting ready to start in Minot and Im hoping to find the time to take one in. Maybe find a few treasures!

This is my last Presidents Message as I am handing the reins over to your new President, Mike Kaul. I think that Mike and Vice-President Craig Fiedler will make a great team for the Society. We also have a new board member to welcome, Bonnie Nelson.

I would like to thank everyone for your support during my time as President. The last six years have gone by fast! Thank you Arley for all your help.

Happy trails,

Gail Yuly


Myers Collection at the Richland County Museum

By Linda Bakken

 We stopped at the Richland County Museum on the way to the 2018 NDPCS convention and had the opportunity to visit with Randy and Lorraine Myers. Randy and his sister, Diane Billie, donated their father's collection to the museum. Fay Myers was enthusiastic about Rosemeade and collected over 900 pieces in 13 years. The collection includes the mule with horseshoe salt and pepper shakers that are thought to be one-of-a-kind.  The Myers collection is displayed in the new cases at the museum that were funded in part by an endowment from the NDPCS.