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Newsletter Excerpts
From the April 2019 Edition

Presidents Message


Hello Spring!

There still is a pile of snow in the front yard but hope springs eternal and I am pretty sure a convention is in our near future.

I want to thank Ken Metzen and everyone involved in the planning and organization of the 30th Annual NDPCS convention!

Heartfelt condolences to the Olson family on the passing of Mayvis Olson, our Founder of the North Dakota Pottery Collectors Society. It is fitting we celebrate the picnic in Chahinkapa Park this year in Wahpeton where it all began.

Mother Nature decided we would be better off with-out a February NDPCS Board Meeting so we will pick up where we left off at our convention board.

Personal Note: I have been inspired by NDPCS Face-book Group and the fun and interesting alphabet challenges. So daily I regret not being able to find the time to join in on the fun. This is my weak attempt to feel better about it. "A" is for pieces from Aberdeen, SD, the old hometown!

Happy Hunting,

Michael Kaul


Letter from Ken Metzen - 30th Annual Convention Chairman

Pack your Suitcase and Don't forget to Register for the Big 30th Annual NDPCS Convention!!!

The Big get together is getting closer. Don't forget to send in your registrations, if you haven't done so already. What started off smooth and got pretty rocky has finally started to calm down again...whew!!!

We can still use some volunteers at the upcoming convention. So please if you are able, give me a call and I can make you part of the Fun & Excitement!!! I'm still in need of some Float making Socializer's for Fri-day afternoon at the Richland County Historical Museum. Oh what a great way to meet all of those faces that you were afraid of going up and introducing yourself too... Hint-Hint-Hint

I'm always willing to listen to your ideas to make the convention run smoother, as well as asking and begging for you to come out and get involved. The more involvement the easier it is to do and more fun for everyone to enjoy all of the convention activities. I'm sure even though many of the key chairs have not asked for my help, I'm asking for you to volunteer yours to: the Registration, Auction, Commemorative or Ticket Sales Chairpersons. They would be tickled to be each contacted. If only one or two of you, who would be will-ing to help even if for only an hour or two, your time would be greatly appreciated.

Timeliness of check-in is of importance for those members submitting items for the Saturday auction. Please note that time for check-in is 11:00 am-12:00 am. Thanks in advance.

I was fortunate enough to have members call and volunteer their time, information, and knowledge to help put this convention into shape and perspective. This effort will make it a very exciting time for all of you. Counting the days till we all get together for the Big Party, back in Wahpeton. It all began 30 years ago as a gift from a husband to his wife... the start of a group or organization that made many of us some of the Best Friends of our lives... see you in Wahpeton!!!

I learned after the last newsletter, you were given some old contact information for me. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sincerely Yours,
Your 30th Convention Chairman,

Ken Metzen

Contact Information:
Ken, Fevie, & Elzebeth Metzen
4877 28th Avenue South, Apt #212
Fargo, North Dakota 58104
Ken's Phone # (701)-640-6245
Messenger or Facebook

Ceramics by Messer
By Linda Bakken



Joe and Eunice Messer operated Ceramics by Messer from 1952 – 1957.  The Messer family has developed a web site that contains information about Joe and Eunice and many photos of them and various Messer products. 

For more information on Ceramics by Messer, CLICK HERE

Eunice Messer recently joined the North Dakota Pottery Facebook page and made these comments on some of the Messer photos posted there.


“We went to Devils Tower site with a
chunk of clay and Joe made his first model.”

“The antelope is a Messer.  The horns and ears were cast in separate molds and attached while wet. Joe sketched the live animal on our prairie to perfect it. They are porcelain which Joe formulated and we mixed in a Maytag washing machine.”


“We made these bells and gave them to relatives and friends as a Xmas greeting. They were porcelain and ring loud and clear. My cousin was just a baby then and now said he still hangs it on their tree every year.”

“Joe had fun designing this. It was made with hooks in the bottom for keys pot holders, etc.”

“Joe made the turtle for my little aquarium and everyone liked them so we made a lot to sell. Now they are in a terrarium and planters.”


                                                  WPA Collection
                                                                     By Barbara Bradley

The display is of my WPA collection of books, pottery, and crafts. The items were exhibited during the month of February
at the local Fairfax County Library outside of Washington, DC. The collections included items from 10 different states,
including North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.





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