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by Sharon Smith

Our 2018 commemorative resembles the Rosemeade wheat shock shakers found on page 88 of Dommelís Collectorís Encyclopedia of Rosemeade Pottery. Wheat has long been an important crop in North Dakota, and as she did in so many instances, Laura Taylor made pottery resembling plants and animals that were prime examples of North Dakota life. This piece is a 3 ľ" tall vase in a ripe wheat color, hand thrown and hand carved by a husband and wife team, Aron and Jena Levandowski, of Dassel, Minnesota.

Please be sure to place your order before March 15, 2018, so that you will be certain to receive your special piece.

Pre-order prior to March 15, 2018.

There will be no convention sales, as there will be no extras. You will be able to pick up your pre-ordered piece at the convention.

The commemorative can be mailed if requested in the form below. Be sure to include the shipping charge.

One commemorative per paid 2018 membership.






Name ________________________________________ Return to: Sharon Smith

Address ______________________________________  24646 548th Avenue

City, State, Zip _________________________________ Grove City, MN 56243

ND Sales Tax Permit # __________________________   320-857-2884


Cost $35.00 plus 7.5% N.D. sales tax ($2.63) for $37.63 ea. on all in state orders without a N.D. Sales Tax


I will pick up without N.D. sales tax permit: _____ at $37.63 ea. N.D. tax included

Mail in state without N.D. sales tax permit: _____ at $44.63 ea. N.D. tax and S&H included

I will pick up with N.D. sales tax permit:      _____ at $35.00 ea.

Mail in state with N.D. sales tax permit:      _____ at $42.00 ea. S&H included    

Mail out of state: _____ at $42.00 ea. S&H included

Will be picked by: _________________________________

Make Checks Payable to: NDPCS

One commemorative per paid 2018 membership.


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