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by Arley Olson

The 2019 commemorative is a blue glazed tile with the NDPCS impressed logo along with 1989, 2019 for the 30th anniversary. It will be about 2" by 3", the color may vary slightly from the photo. The commemorative for 2019 is being made by Robin Reynolds at her Dacotah Clayworks studio in Hebron, ND. She is using the same North Dakota clay that Hebron Brick Plant uses to produce their Hebron brick.

It is important that you get your order in before the March 15th deadline, as only enough commemoratives to fill pre-orders will be ordered from the potter.

1: Commemoratives will have to be pre-ordered and paid for before March 15th of the current year.

2: No orders or sales will be taken after March 15th.

3: There will be no sales at the convention, only pick up of pre-ordered paid commemoratives.

4: Upon request & payment to include postage & handling the commemorative can be mailed (see order form).





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